Obligatory Birthday Post — 24 of ???

It was more of a birthday weekend, more than anything.

I did not have any plans whatsoever. All I knew was that I was pretty tired because of the week that just ended.

I’d like to thank everyone who were there during my “surprise” birthday party.

My labs, Angel — thanks for the birthday gifts and for all the love. <3
Our head honcho, Ma’m Deng and Julianne — double thanks for arranging everything!
Joanna and family
Madumlao and Alex — thanks Mark for the cake!
Jerix, Gerry, JP and Liz
Karl, Allan, Jeffrey, Rexell and Tandz
Kenan and Matt

I spent the whole of Aug 18 with my family and my dogs. We went out and watched Percy Jackson.

It’s raining pretty hard outside though.

I’ve got a lot more in my mind, but I’m sleepy.