High Protein Vegetables Tuna Recipe

I’ve been cleaning up my diet lately. One of the hardest things that I’m constantly facing is getting more vegetables in my diet. Next to that is getting my daily protein needs.

I discovered a hack (sort of) that addresses both, doesn’t take much time and is financially viable for my budget. The secret is canned vegetables and canned tuna. It’s not ideal, I know, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s one of my favorite combinations (that I just had literally minutes ago):

Ingredients: Serves 4, possibly more

  • Green Peas: Molinera, 400g/240g (drained)
  • Yellow Corn: Surebuy, 425g
  • Lentils: Molinera, 400g/240g (drained)
  • Red Kidney Beans: Molinera, 400g/240g (drained)
  • Tuna: Century Tuna Premium, Solid in Vegetable Oil  (as needed)

Preparation Instructions

  • Drain the green peas, lentils and kidney beans
  • Wash the drained green peas, lentils and kidney beans under running water in a strainer
  • Pour the yellow corn (with water) into the washed green peas, lentils and kidney beans
  • You can keep this in the ref to set aside until when you’re going to eat it

Serving Instructions

  • Get a portion from the vegetable mix into a microwavable bowl
  • Get a portion from the tuna and mix into the bowl
  • (Optional) Mix some of the vegetable oil into the bowl myself
  • Stir, then heat in the microwave for about 30 seconds on a 700 watt
  • Stir again then eat straight from the bowl

Nutrition information

A single serving for me would be 250g of the veggie mix and 115g of the tuna mix. That comes out to 450 calories, with 38g of protein [1] with the bulk of it coming from the tuna.


Vegetable costs would come out to Php 200 for 4 of my servings. 4 of my servings would need about 3 cans of tuna, which totals to Php 150. It would come out to about Php 90 per serving.

Variation ideas

The corn is there to provide some sweetness to the otherwise starchy mix. Green Peas, Kidney Beans and Lentils are good sources of protein that’s why they’re there.

You can use other canned vegetables, obviously. I’ve tried Garbanzos + Green Peas + Kidney Beans but it was too bland for our taste. You can try it with spices. A safe bet would be salt and pepper, but I’ve tried Rosemary and Garlic Salt with good results. Getting some sour cream or greek yogurt in the mix could probably work (I haven’t tried). Tossing it with fried rice would most likely work too.

But that’s too much work for lazy old me so I’m sticking with heating it in the microwave.

Pictures to follow!

[1] Check out my food diary, lunch time to see the rest of the macronutrients