ER, Confinement and HMO Plans

My 1 year old nephew got sick recently and it was an instant Php 10,000 ER trip. As I build my emergency fund, I sometimes get scared that I’m just 1 hospital trip away from starting back from scratch (or worse.) *knocks on wood*

So, I asked Uniguarantee (one of our clients, an insurance brokerage firm, no website yet :(, here’s a reference ) on what my options were.

I had 3 levels that I can cover: ER, Confinement and Health Maintenance.

ER and Confinement are black swan events, which means they have a small chance of happening but when it does happen, it hurts like hell (financially, but probably literally too.)

Health Maintenance is somewhat proactive because some plans get you an annual medical checkup, a dental plan, coverage for dependents and coverage for doctor consultations.

So, HMO plans covers health maintenance and I think just about everyone has an idea on what those are. These plans range from Php 8k and up which gives you more coverage (vs ER/Confinement plans) and is generally inaccessible for a lot of individuals (because who’s got Php 8k to spare, right?) In the upside, these are usually given as part of standard employee benefits.

What’s interesting are the plans that cover just ER and ER/Confinement.

ER plans are usually one-time use, limited times per year, but covers the first ten thousands of pesos (depending on what you paid for) and they’re cheap. I’m talking about pay 600/900 pesos to cover the first Php 15k/40k in ER bills cheap. But again, one time use and valid only for a year. Definitely worth it, still. This is great when you’re thinking about

If you can afford something more expensive, there are plans that cover ER and confinement which has an annual limit (depending on what you pay) and is still relatively cheap. The plan that I’ve seen goes for pay Php 3,500/5,000/6,500 to cover Php 40k/60k/80k in ER/confinement expenses for the whole year. It’s 5x more expensive but the upside is that it’s not a one-time thing.

Pretty interesting to find out about my options. Obviously, the devil is in the details. Like, my 1 year old nephew can’t avail some of the plans because the minimum age is 2 y.o. Some of the plans cover certain things and you have to pay extra to cover extra things (like dental, and annual executive checkup) so it depends on your needs.

For now, I’ll probably get the confinement plan while we wait for our HMO coverage from one of our other clients.

I’m not qualified to talk about all the other details (and there’s a lot of it and I’m just really lazy to type it all up), so if you have questions, give Uniguarantee a call.

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Oh, and tell them Rys sent you. So I can get free coverage. Muhahaha. Just kidding.

Or am I?


No, really, just kidding.