It’s 2014.

This year will be a year of building up habits.
Building up the ones that I’d like to have.
My goal, at the end of the year, is to have these habits built up:

  • Workout
  • Sleeping/Work
  • Hygiene

Just 3 things.

I’ve managed to find a workout routine to stick to.
It’s simple and easy to follow and it’s beginner-friendly. I hope to follow through with this until my membership expires on April and by then, should have a good enough habit base that getting a continuing membership is a no-brainer. I’m happy to teach anyone who’s interested in the program. :)

Diet is still a tricky thing for me. I’m getting back into recording my meals in My Fitness Pal.

Sleeping/Work habits is just different sides of the same coin. Right now, I wake up at around 10 to 11 AM. I’m only able to work by 2pm and I stop at around 6pm until 12 midnight, where I go to the gym between 10PM and 12MN. From there, I try to get into the flow again until I become sleepy, which is around 2 to 3AM. Oftentimes, I’m left with the feeling that nearly my whole day went out the window.

I want to change that habit to something like: Wake up at 5AM, work until 8AM, have breakfast, work on non-coding stuff between 9AM until lunch, 1PM to 4PM should be coding work again and the rest of the day will be spent on dinner, gym and leisure. Not married to the actual times, but it’s more of being awake more in the day and spend more of the evening actually sleeping. I actually like being up early in the mornings. I just don’t like getting up.

I also want to incorporate daily reviews to what I’ve accomplished in the day and what I need to do the following day.

I’ve got my hygiene regiment down, I just have trouble sticking to it every time.

Okay, I’m sleepy!

Have a happy new year everyone!